Ohjee Appman is Jan's business name in the Google Play Store.  'Ohjee' because he's an 'OG', as the grandchildren tell him, and 'Appman' for obvious reasons.

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Rather than using moon phases or sun signs or other sketchy methods, MeAndYou examines your own reported views to determine how well you mesh with another person of your choosing and then provides feedback based on that information.
Are you Clairvoyant? Almost everyone possesses, to some extent, the ability to foresee 'near future' events: The knock at the door that we knew we were about to hear or the call from a friend that we knew was coming before the phone rang. A few individuals have the ability to foresee events a day or two in the future and a very few (like Nostradamus) have been able to foresee far or very far future events. According to the plentiful information available on the Internet this Ability can be trained. My Trainer can help you identify and develop the gift of near-term Clairvoyance.
If you're thin-skinned and can't stand to be insulted, don't download this app. Twisted Mystic produces horoscopes that, while they are always caustically rude, are intended to be amusing as well.  
  EGG QUEST- screenshot thumbnail     Egg Quest is a game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys puzzle games and especially to children from 5-12. 
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