Experience Profile

          More than 35 years of good, solid experience in Information Technology:

          IT Service Management and Service Delivery
Strong experience with business processes in support of:
                                   - Helpdesk management
                                   - Problem management
                                   - Change management
                                   - Configuration management
                                   - Service Level management

                             * ITIL certified               

          Customer Service/IT Support/Problem Solving
                             Many years experience working with end users and managers at all levels
                     assisting in the analysis and solution of problems.

          Software development 

Systems developed (in no particular order)
                              Sales Order
                              Loan/Credit Processing
                              Document Management
                              Production Line Control
                              Accounting (AR, AP, GL)
                              Portfolio Management
                              Bill of Materials
                              Municipal Billing (Water, Sewer, Garbage)
                              Warehouse Management
                              Disability Rating
                              Batch Job Management and Scheduling

Languages/Development Methods Used
                             Visual Basic, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC (many flavors), Pascal, Paradox, Delphi, XDB,
                             Crystal Reports, Business Objects, MSSQL, T-SQL, Oracle, PL-Sql, Java/Javascript, PHP

                    Platforms Used
                             HP3000, DATA GENERAL, Windows, Linux, Android

          Database Expertise
                             Oracle 10g-R2 OCP,  MSSQL 2000 MCDBA 

          Creation and delivery of training 
                             Business process analysis 
                             Enterprise implementation
                             Command and control operations
                             User interface utilization
                             System installation

                               No training course or software system is complete without supporting documents
                               such as manuals, digrams, etc. (and PowerPoint presentations as well).
                               I've created dozens of these.

          Database design
                             All software systems require a data repository, so I've designed many databases.

          Data conversion/migration
                            Moving data between dissimilar databases and platforms is very challenging.

          Software test and validation 
                              The need for adequate testing cannot be overstated.