A very serene and  picturesque place.  There are lots of houseboats on the lake.  Notice the ridges on the shoreline - the level of the lake was 'way down.  Lots of 'our' (Northern Cali) water is sent down South and this has been a very dry year.


Left: You see a typical campsite with its table, barbecue, and storage locker to keep the food away from the mice and raccoons.

Right: Charlie is standing beside our 'home away from home'.

Socializing and relaxing . . .
Scenic views . . .
It was pretty warm and the wading pool was a great way to cool off.
Left:  I am chatting with a granddaughter and her beau.

Right:  Granddaughter Sabrina poses with her little brother. (She is a very talented artist and you can see some examples of her artwork by clicking here.)

Left:  Charlie poses with some grandkids and the newest greatgrandchild.

Right:  Grandchild Katrina and her beau, Vince, and me.

Left:  A very photogenic young lady.

Right:  Chillin' and schmoozin'.

Kids and grandkids.
Left: A daughter-in-law and her two daughters.  The one on the right is the mother of the newest greatgrandchild.

Right:  Sunrise - the sun could barely penetrate the dense smoke from a fire that was burning about 50 miles away near Yosemite.  It burned more than 16,000 acres in less than a day!  Fortunately the prevailing wind kept the smoke away for the most part.

Left:  A lovely young lady and the newest greatgrandchild.

Right:  An interesting insect.  It is a Tarantula Hawk.  Luckily we didn't see any tarantulas - some of the ladies would have been terrified.

Left:  A nice view.

Right:  Putting up a tent.

Left:  Luxury accommodations..

Right:  How are we gonna do this?

Taking it easy . . .
Miller time . . .
The smoke from the nearby forest fire was pretty dense one morning - but it was blown away before noon . . .
 More relaxing . . .
New experiences for a brand-new human being . . .

Little Amaya is exploring the world.