I would like to thank Microsoft for providing the tools and, thus, for giving me the freedom to be creative in the construction of this website.  I hope you like the graphics - it has been a great pleasure to create them using Paint, Microsoft Photo Editor, Microsoft GIF Animator, JASC Animation Shop, and (of course ! ) Microsoft Expression®.
   Microsoft has always dominated the browser market, and it appears they are still doing so.   has been discontinued.  The Netscape website  recommends that one should download  which is available, or but Flock has been discontinued.  The Flock website suggests using Google's .  Aol has the 'all-in-one desktop' but I dislike AOL so much that, no matter how good their product might be, I will NEVER use it.  Also, the Avant Browser sounds interesting. 

BOTTOM LINE (for me):  To say the least, the browser market appears to be in a state of flux.  The one consistent thing is Microsoft's Explorer - so why would one use anything else? 

NOTE:  As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a 'PC person' - and there's no insult intended toward you Mac users - there are browsers out there for you, too, but I won't list them here.