Jan took these pictures to show you a little bit of the suburb of Valle in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico where he went on business. It was quite surprising to note that, except for the language on signs, this could have been a suburb of almost any city in California.

Monterrey is a 'small' city (according to the locals) with a population of only 5,000,000 not many when compared to Mexico City which has more than 22,000,000 at this writing in 2004.

While Jan was there the weather was almost perfect it would cool down to 65 or so in the evening and (except for one day) never seemed to get much above 80. Everyone was commenting about how unusually cool it was.

Monterrey is a center for the manufacturing of automobile engines but many large companies doing other types of business are located here, as well. For example, CEMEX (the company Jan was visiting) is the third largest producer of cement products in the world and, they told him with pride, it is the most profitable. They have sites in many countries worldwide . . . in fact, there is one not more than 8 miles from our home!