Another one of Jan's business trips - described by him.

     One of the things I liked about my job at Hewlett-Packard Company was that frequent trips
     to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, were required.  Here are some pictures which will show you
     why these journeys were so pleasant.


   All airports are not the same . . .as you will see in these pictures of Heathrow Airport
   in London.  
  You can shop, of course, and Heathrow has a number of interesting (and pricey) shops. 
  Here is the famous Harrods.
   Another view in the 'Flight Connections' waiting area.
   And some more shops - actually quite attractive . . . .    Lots and lots of
   polished natural wood.                                 
  Here is a view of my room at the Barbizon Palace Hotel in Amsterdam.  Very comfortable.
  A view out of my window across the canal to the Central Station.  Easy to catch a bus or a train.
  A view of the famous Dam Square.  It is the center of Amsterdam.  Everything radiates outward
  from here.
  Another shot of Dam Square.                                                                                        
  Another view of Dam Square.
  A typical street view.
  A heckuva contraption.  It plays music.
.  Colleague and friend Todd Tobias says 'Walk a mile in my shoes . . . '                                              
  A typical neighborhood vista along a canal.
  Another typical vista along a canal.
  A pastoral view toward the city.
     A freeway scene - heading toward the airport.                                                          
   I heard that there was an event called 'Floriade' taking place North of Amsterdam near the airport -
   and that this event takes place only every ten years - so I was hooked and had to see it and so
   Suzanne Liew and I and Russell Ackerman and his wife and baby set off together to see the event. 
   Above are a pair of representative pics.  The event is about flowers and their propagation and
   technical advances for doing so.  Rather dull.  We walked, and walked, and walked some more.
   The picture above depicts the entrance to the park.
  One of the many pavillions.  The ducks are simply gorgeous works of botanical art.

   This sort of  'Monet-esque' picture of one of the views at the Floriade is the result of an error - 
   I pasted it into a PowerPoint slide and resized it there and then pasted it into Paint and saved
   it as a JPEG.  The result is sort of impressionistic - no??                                       
  An interesting pavillion at the Floriade.  It resembles a butterfly.
   Here is where the 'worker bees' congregated . . . 
    Here we are . . . 'the three amigos' . . . Linz Parker, Bas van der Blom and myself . . .
    we are working hard in the lab area.
  A view of the harbor from the HP office on van Diemenstraat.
   Colleagues getting their lunch.  Condiments are at the left in the picture.  In the case you
   can see fresh milk and clabbered milk (buttermilk in the U.S. - simply delicious!!) and above
   it sliced meats and cheeses to select from with which to make a sandwich with your choice
   of at least ten different kinds of bread.  The Dutch typically have sandwiches for lunch and
   no one complains about lack of variety!                                             
  Lunch break on van Diemenstraat.
   Here I am relaxing with Max, one of the software developers.
   From left to right - Russell Ackerman, Lammert Post, and Todd Tobias enjoy a little
   friendly competition during lunch. 
   From left to right:  Colleagues  Russell Ackerman (Atlanta), Todd Tobias (Miami),
   Rama Balakrishnan (Atlanta), Susanne Liew (Sydney, Australia),
   Miguel Quintero (Caracas, Venezuela) and Jin-Dong (Beijing, China).
                                                                 THE END