Cruising the Sea of Cortez  
  Here are some pictures taken on our cruise in the Sea of Cortez (also known as the Gulf of California) along the Baja California peninsula.  We were aboard Holland America's Statendam - a ship that is about 850 feet long and about 105 feet wide with 12 floors (I guess I should call them 'decks').  Although, as with any tall building, there were elevators, but Charlie insisted on using the stairs.  I guess that explains her svelte and athletic sppearance.

We departed on December 15 from San Diego and visited Loreto, La Paz (Pichilingue), and Cabo San Lucas and then returned to San Diego on December 22.
                            GETTING ON BOARD  
The Lido Deck is the 11th floor.  The topmost deck (the 12th floor) is used for exercise - it has a track for jogging/walking and shuffleboard courts.

                                 Visiting Loreto  
  After a tiring morning walking around town it was certainly nice to get back 'home' aboard the Statendam shown here at anchor at Loreto. 

We went ashore on lifeboats because there is no deep-water dock here. 

             Visiting La Paz (Pichilingue)  
  The old name for La Paz is Pichilingue - which we were told means 'pirate'.  In the old days the pirates used to hang out in this area awaiting passing Spanish galleons.  
The ship was able to dock in La Paz and we were greeted onshore by these performers.
  We 'walked the plank' to get on and off the ship.  
  This is the bus that brought us 15 miles from the harbor into town.   
  A typical beach at La Paz.  
  This is the restaurant where we had breakfast in La Paz.  Everything was decorated for Christmas.  The food was excellent.  
  There was a street fair going on when we arrived - looks like many flea markets we have in California.  
  Down by the beach was a huge Christmas tree and this Santa that Charlie and I are sitting on.  
  Another lovely beach scene.  
  These cacti are common in this area.  This picture was taken from a moving taxi on the way back to the ship.  

              Visiting Cabo San Lucas
  There is no deep-water docking in Cabo so the ship anchored out in the harbor and we rode on a lifeboat to the dock.   
  From the dock it's about a mile into town so we took this 'taxi'.  
  A typical scene in Cabo.  
  The harbor in Cabo.  
  Another shot of the harbor.  
                                               THE END