Photos of Jan's Family

This is Jan's son, Christopher, and his grandson, Kyle.  They are presently (October, 2016) living in Shenzhen, China, where Chris teaches English.
This is Christopher's wife, Dawn, with Kyle in a local (to them) shop  
Their Chinese names are: 

易丽丽  Dawn - Yi Li Li 

夏超思  Christopher - Xia Chao Si

易湘恺  Kyle - Yi Xiang Kai



From L to R: Jan's father, Victor James, and brothers Jon, Richard and Victor, Jan, his brother Jim.  This picture was taken in 1993 shortly before Jan's father passed away.  As far as we know, this is the last picture of them together.


This picture of Jan was taken while he was living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1986.

                               Jan's Saudi driver's license . . . 
interesting that the info on the back (below) was not filled in.

 Jan and his brother, Jim, fishing.


Jan's father was an avid fisherman.   He has a large brown trout in the upper picture and is 3rd from the left in the lower one.  That's Jan out front!

Charlie and Jan at a social function (2006).

 Jan caught a nice redfish in Houston (1996).  

Jan and Charlie on the way to Hawaii aboard the MS Statendam.  In the background is our favorite bartender, Bong.  We enjoyed his company and excellent service on two different cruises.
Pictures of Jan as a child and as a young man in the U.S. Air Force.  The 'Ike jacket' was his favorite piece of military clothing.
Jan's mother when she about 20.

Jan's father when he was about 25.

Jan's mother and father with his older brother, Victor (on the right), and a daughter, Charlene, who passed away before Jan was born.  Picture was taken in 1929.

Jan's grandfather owned a shoe store in   Jamestown, CA in the early '30s.  When we visited there we met people who remembered his grandfather and the shoe store.   

The house in which Jan grew up.  The weather has changed since those days in the 1940s . . . it hardly ever snows in Challenge, California anymore.
Even as a little kid Jan liked the outdoors.
Jan's father and older brother, Victor Jr., were loggers ('timber fallers' they were called back then).  This picture was taken in 1947.  That's a pretty big tree they are 'falling'.  Note that it is a 'school mom' - a tree that splits into two about 20 feet up the trunk.  Trees of this type were very dangerous for timber fallers because the direction in which they would fall was at least somewhat unpredictable - note that Jan's brother (left) is keeping a wary eye on the tree.  They are using a Mall chain saw in this operation - it was the first power saw they ever had - before its acquisition they were using a two-man hand saw.  The Mall saw weighed almost 100 pounds and, as you can see in this picture, required two men to operate it - one to control the power and the other to hold onto what was called the 'stinger' (probably because of the extreme vibration).
Here Jan's father and older brother are about to 'fall' another huge tree.
This picture was taken around 1938.  Jan's father (3rd from left) is shown with three of his partners in the True Business Mine - a gold mine that they worked for several years near Angels Camp, California.  According to family legend, Clark Gable, the famous actor, was at one time interested in buying the mine.
Here is a picture showing the entrance to the mine.
Here Jan's brother Jim is pictured in 1952 with our St. Bernard, Kim.
Jan's brother Victor and his sister, Charlene.  This picture was taken in 1933. Charlene was a victim of spinal meningitis and died in 1938.
Another picture of Victor and Charlene.
Jan's father and Charlene.  Picture taken about 1931.
Jan's father in his bakery in the 1920s - looks like he is taking a batch of rolls out of the oven.
Jan's mother and father in their bakery in the 1920s in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska.
Jan's grandfather, John, in 1948.
Jan's mother with his older brother, Victor Jr., in 1926.
Jan's brother Jim in Hawaii in 1967 or '68.  His parents retired to Honolulu in 1964.
Yes, that's Jan and his mother in 1941.  This picture was taken near La Porte, California on the 4th of July!!
Jan and brothers Richard (left) and Jonathan (middle) in 1947.
Jan and Richard about 1948.
Jan's mother, Mabel, in 1937.  This picture was not taken with the old Kodak.  (Hippies hadn't been invented yet, by the way!)
Here Jan's brother Victor is shown with his two children, Victor III and Susan.  Of course, they are fishing!  This picture was taken in 1958.
  From right to left:  Sally's sister, Beverly; Sally's daughter, Susan; her son Victor III; Sally (Victor's wife); Beverly's husband, Henry.  @2001