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First of all, I'm a native Californian - born and raised in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California.  As a child I read about strange and wonderful far-off places like Paris and London and New York and San Francisco and longed for the opportunity to travel. Since we often wind up doing in life the things we dream about as children, so it has been that I've lived in or visited many different places on this planet including Pakistan, Germany, Holland, England, France, Egypt, India, Afghanistan, Mexico, Canada, Guam, Kenya, Morocco, Thailand, Hong Kong, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Dubai, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, all of the United States (except Vermont, Maine, and North Dakota) and many other places - but 'home' is still the best.  I love California.

I'm proud to have earned my citizenship in this wonderful country of ours by serving for almost eight years in the U.S. Air Force.  The USAF sent me to the Army Language School (now Defense Language Institute) at Monterey, California, to study the Russian language and then to Pakistan for a year, Germany for three years, and then to Fort George G. Meade, Maryland for two years at the National Security Agency.  After my service in the Air Force I held several menial jobs before making the decision to go to college and get an advanced education.  As an undergraduate at California State University, Stanislaus, I had the good fortune to work with Dr. James A. Wakefield, Jr. who was interested in psychometrics and psychometric research and who introduced me to the computer world by way of  'crunching numbers' for the research he was doing.  With his kind help I was soon knowledgeable about how to punch computer cards and how to set things up for a 'run'.  Very soon after this I was 'discovered' by colleagues and faculty members who were willing to pay me to perform statistical analyses with programs such as SPSS and STATPACK.  Fortunately (for my career!) those programs didn't perform all of the various types of analyses that were needed at the time and so my dear friend, Dr. Wakefield, introduced me to the FORTRAN language and challenged me to write a program which would perform a two-tailed 't' test using the population mean.  When I finally succeeded at this I was thoroughly hooked . . . on more than one occasion the data center manager was forced to evict me from his premises because operating hours had expired for the day while I protested such treatment and begged for 'just one more run'.  The rest, as they say, is history.  I've been developing software systems, fiddling with databases, developing training curricula, and writing documentation for more than thirty-five years.  For more information about this you can check out my experience profile.

As you might guess from the spelling of my surname, my ancestral roots lie in Bohemia (part of  Czechoslovakia or Austria - depending on what empire was in power at the time).   My wife (my best friend and my true 'other half'), Charlotte (aka: Charlie), has been doing serious genealogical research to learn more about our forebears and she has a great website (The Tree Shakers) where you can learn about our families and do research of your own.  

My wife and I enjoy traveling and spending time with family members so I've included family and travel pictures on this website.  



I've attended the following educational institutions:

Monterey Bay Academy, Watsonville, CA
Glenn County High School, Willows, CA
Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA
California State University, Stanislaus, Turlock, CA
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL
HP University, Roseville, CA
TechSkills of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA



Because of my association with Dr. Wakefield at CSU Stanislaus, I became interested in doing research in psychometrics.  Under Dr. Wakefield's supervision, I and a fellow graduate student, Alan Friedman, administered psychological tests to hundreds of (somewhat unwilling) undergraduates and, after painstaking evaluation of the results, we submitted our findings for publication.  I've been honored to be involved in the following research:

Jones, H.L., Sasek, J., & Wakefield, J. A., Jr. (1976). 
Maslow's need hierarchy and Cattel's 16PF. 
Journal of Clinical Psychology, 32,  74-76.  

Wakefield, J. A., Jr., Sasek, J., Brubaker, M. L., & Friedman, A. F. (1976). 
Validity study of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire. 
Psychological Reports, 39, 115-120.  

Friedman, A. F., Sasek, J., & Wakefield, J. A., Jr. (1976). 
Subjective ratings of Cattell's 16 personality factors.  
Journal of Personality Assessment, 40, 302-305.   

Wakefield, J. A., Jr., Sasek, J., Friedman, A. F., & Bowden, J. D. (1976).
Androgyny and other measures of masculinity-femininity. 
Journal of Consulting and Clinical  Psychology, 44, 766-770.  

Friedman, A. F., Wakefield, J. A., Jr., Sasek, J., & Schroeder, D. (1977). 
A new scoring system for the Spraings Multiple Choice Bender Gestalt Test. 
Journal of Clinical Psychology, 33, 205-207.


Since I felt that no education in Psychology could be complete without performing  a classic 'rat study', in my senior year at CSU Stanislaus I performed the following research:

Sasek, J. (1976) 
Alternation Behavior in Rats as a Function of Choice Point Exposure. 
Psychological Reports, 40, 121-132.

 This research was done In my junior  year:

Sasek, J. (1975)
Differences Between Felons and Students on the Minnesota Counseling Inventory.
Psychological Reports, 1975, 36, 774.

 This research was done in my second year of grad school:

Jan Sasek and Mark A. Fargo (1976)
Stimulus Satiation Alternation in Rats as a Function of Varied Choice-Point Exposures
Perceptual and Motor Skills, Volume 42, pp 283-286



While attending CSU Stanislaus, I served as Editor of the school newspaper (1972), Chief Justice of the Student Court (1972), and Student Body Financial Officer (1973).  I received the following honors as a result of these activities:

Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, 1973

California State University, Stanislaus Hall of Fame